Start your business now and enhance with Djawaweb collaborative e commerce solution. It’s flexible, efficient, and demand scalable.

  • Highly customizable eCommerce site
  • Social media integration
  • Proven system world wide



ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Djawaweb collaborative ERP package help you to improved data accuracy to establish an integrated & standardized procedures with flexibility our technology.

What are the features?erp-2

  • Human Resources
  • Warehouse Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Point of Sales
  • Project Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Invoicing



posPoint of Sales

Make your retail process faster, flexible and easier through deliverable self service point of sales (POS) systems by Djawaweb. Get it now and grow higher.

What are the features?

  • Flexible through simple offline mode with data synchronization
  • Quickly Integrated with web
  • Manage customer and sales information through multiple stores
  • Live time inventory management



Inventory Management

Choose the right plan and forecast to avoid wrong decision while manage your inventory, and get real time access to optimize your inventory process, subscribe Djawaweb inventory management now and see how we make your business grow faster.

What are the features?inventory

  • Items and Inventory
  • Control Receptions
  • Stock
  • Sales Orders
  • Supplier Invoices/Credit Notes
  • Goods Receivable Notes
  • Customer Invoices/Credit Notes




A complete enterprise package of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution from Djawaweb. Our CRM help you to address every single customer touch point and gain new customer to improve your business.

What are the features?

  • Sales
    Provide with  more detail customer information for your sales opportunity to get greater revenue.
  • Marketing
    Create the integration of your marketing strategy and measure their effectiveness with one way CRM solution.
  • Social Media
    Enable more engagement with your customer through social media.



File Sharing


Enables you to have an exclusive integration file and document sharing with other (internal/external). Djawaweb file sharing solution is ready to support your mobile activity.

What are the features?

  • Private File Repository
  • Share files securely
  • Offline access
  • Encrypted Storage
  • Access from anywhere. Any devices
  • Can be used as an admin or user



Email & Collaboration

Fill your day by day business activity with Djawaweb powerful  and smart email collaboration package. Work smarter, don’t waste your time, then every opportunity will be yours.


What are the features?

  • Supply and management of all infrastructure required
  • Complete management of the Anti-Virus/Anti –Spam system
  • Support for web browser client access
  • Support for mail client access
  • Support with mobile access



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