This Service Level Agreement applies only between PT Asanka Hara Nusantara hereinafter referred to as “DJAWAWEB” with customers PT Asanka Hara Nusantara, hereinafter referred to as “Customer”. The rules are used in accordance with the services that have been listed here.

Clause 1
Money Back Guarantee

DJAWAWEB provide a money back guarantee if appropriate Terms of Service within 60 days DJAWAWEB can not provide services in accordance with the order. DJAWAWEB can not provide assurance that if the bill for next month has been printed, and the Customer has to use more than 20GB of bandwidth during the period of warranty and violations listed in the Terms of Service. Violations of the Terms of Service to cancel a money-back guarantee.


Clause 2
Network Uptime guarantee of 99.9% and 99% Server Uptime

DJAWAWEB guarantees 99.9% network and server uptime of 99%. Especially for VPS and dedicated servers, DJAWAWEB provide specific guarantees in network uptime. DJAWAWEB will not give a guarantee when a server malfunction, attack, flooding, hackers, server reboots, preventive maintenance, server upgrades and the things that are included in force majeure.


Clause 3
Compensation assurance

DJAWAWEB guaranteed compensation if the tolerance limit of the downtime in accordance with the SLA is not met. The limits of tolerance of downtime compensation is given in the form of deposits. Turnover costs do not SLA fulfillment of DJAWAWEB calculated as follows:

  • 2 (two) x costs related services per-day x number of days of downtime
  • Calculation of 1 (one) during downtime = 0-24 hours of downtime outside SLA uptime guarantee


Clause 4
Data Security Assurance

DJAWAWEB provide security on the server. Including data web files, databases and emails all risks to the security of the data is not caused by the Customer itself. The Customer omission of which is below.

  • Theft access authorization (hosting account and all the facilities in it, Control Panel, e-mail, and billing) as a result of insecurity Customer computer. Customer computer insecurity include the presence of worms, viruses, keyloggers, or because Customer access from public computers
  • Has a file or directory with all read write permissions (mode 777) on their hosting account
  • Has the content / script / plugin / application services beyond high-risk DJAWAWEB or generally known as a bug

Excluding the cost of replacing the existing, Customer expressly agrees DJAWAWEB release of any claims due to losses suffered by the Customer, either directly or indirectly to non-compliance with the SLA. Replacement of non-fulfillment of the SLA is “by request” in which DJAWAWEB will provide compensation in accordance with the Terms of Service if and only if the customer sends a written request reimbursement through the Member Area.

DJAWAWEB reserves the right to add/change/reduce the contents of the SLA, and TOS. DJAWAWEB will proclaim the rule changes that apply in DJAWAWEB Website DJAWAWEB particularly associated with Termination Subscription, Subscription Fees, or major changes. Customers are required to pay attention to the rules that apply in DJAWAWEB in a certain period to ensure that customers continue to update the information of DJAWAWEB. Specifically request by Customer regarding any change of the contents of the SLA, should be made in writing to DJAWAWEB and going through a review process in advance but do not guarantee whether it will be approved or not approved.